Joe Maddon’s Hoodie Has Been Laid To Rest

Here’s something I’m sure you didn’t know. Apparently, there is a dress code in Major League Baseball. News to you, right?

And apparently, the code doesn’t allow anyone to wear hoodies. See you learn something new everyday.

Tampa Bay Rays’ manager, Joe Maddon learned about this too over the weekend, and he’s not exactly thrilled about it.

A crackdown by MLB’s uniform police cost manager Joe Maddon his favored hoodie sweatshirt.

And, even tongue in cheek, he wasn’t happy about it.

“That’s part of our culture here,” Maddon said. “It’s almost like a security blanket for me. Managing without a hoodie on a cool night could be very disconcerting. Furthermore, I think it’s wrong.”

Maddon lamented the forced obsolescence of the hoodie — “All of a sudden, it’s becoming a dinosaur; it’s one of the better products made over the last several years” — and poked a bit of fun at MLB’s priorities.

“I have no idea what the rationale is,” he said. “It may have something to do with the pace of the game. I have no idea.”

The next time you see Maddon, give him our condolences. He’s definitely taking this loss pretty hard.

MLB bans favorite hoodie of Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon (St. Petersburg Times)

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