Florida Gators Billboard Plans To Taunt The FSU Seminoles For A Good Cause

The billboard that you are looking at was made by the folks at Gator Tailgating for charity. If you follow college football, you know that FSU hasn’t been victorious over Florida since the infamous “Swindle in the Swamp” game in 2003. As you can tell, the Gators are very proud of themselves and the guys who created the billboard have proposed that it be placed twenty miles outside of Tallahassee.

If this billboard goes up, it better come with security guards to protect it at all times, because all hell is going to break loose. There are already rumblings about what FSU fans are going to do if the billboard gets approval to go up. So if something happens to that billboard Gator fans, just know it was for a good cause.

Be a part of Gator history by helping send a friendly message to FSU fans about our reigning victory on the field! (Gator Tailgating)

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