Butler Signs Stevens Through 2022, Why?

With several openings at schools in power conferences, the school signed the 33-year-old Stevens to a 12-year extension through 2022.

Stevens led the Bulldogs to the first Final Four in school history and they were the runner-up to the National champion Duke Blue Devils.

Over his 3-year tenure with Butler, Stevens has racked up an 89-15 record with two 30+ win seasons.

According to team spokesman Jim McGrath, Stevens received a total compensation package of $750K last season, but no details were released concerning his new salary.

In a few years this noble effort to keep Stevens will prove to be futile. College athletics are all about money. Sure, Butler has bought themselves a few more years with Stevens on the bench, but $750K can’t keep a coach of his caliber forever.

The days of loyalty to coaches are over. Just look at how Florida State treated Bobby Bowden in his final years. Win or you’re gone.

The days of coaches staying with one team at a major university for 20 or 30 years are also over. Coach K is the last of a dying breed.

By the way, the real reason Butler gave Brad Stevens a 12-year extension is not because of their undying affection for him, but to rake in some major bucks for the university when he leaves. The team that steals him away from Butler is likely to have to pay a few million to break his current contract.

Don’t you just love college sports.

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