Brett Favre Sees Fit That Each Of His Teammates Has A Pair Of Wranglers

Boy that Brett Favre is one heck of a teammate. Do you know what he did for all his Minnesota teammates? Do you?

Well, brace yourself because this is the single most selfless thing any football player has done for his teammates.

You ready?

He gave his teammates (wait for it)……..a pair of Wrangler jeans! Oh. My. Crotch!

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. – Brett Favre left a pair of Wrangler jeans in the lockers of his teammates this week for their optional workouts at Winter Park. He reportedly got all of their sizes and each player has them in their locker.

Jasper Brinkley called it “a great gift” and said it says a lot for a teammate to think of all of them like that.

Punter Chris Kluwe had a little more fun with it saying “Yeah, (Favre) did leave them for us. They’re a little stiff. I may have to drag them behind my car for a couple miles.”

Careful with those things, guys. Don’t wanna lose all circulation.

Favre Gives Wrangler Jeans to Vikings Players (MyFox 9)

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  1. pickingpros says:

    Come on this is way better than buying your O-lineman cars, watches, anything like that.

    Plus, what it really says is hey guys, I'm coming back next year, and we all need to match for our formal team dinners.

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