Andre Miller’s Offseason Regime Gives Us All Hope

The words, “physical specimen”, have never been linked to Portland’s, Andre Miller. But the fact remains that he’s a NBA player. And he’s been one for quite a long time. So the dude is in shape.

Now the question is, “How does Andre Miller stay in shape?” Glad you asked.

Of course, during the season he works out. But in the offseason, he doesn’t do a d#@n thing.

“I have no regimen,” Miller says. After the season ends, so does Miller’s working out — no weights, no cardio, no nothing. “I really don’t pick up a basketball.”

Inspired yet? Just wait. It gets better.

Eating right also falls by the wayside. “(My diet) isn’t healthy at all,” Miller says. “Hamburgers, hot links on the Fourth of July, all that.”

To control his weight, however, Miller uses old-fashioned discipline. “I starve myself,” he says.

Seriously? “Yeah, I’m just starting to learn about calories and all that.”

See, Andre Miller is just like you and he’s a NBA player. There’s hope for you after all.

The secrets of the NBA’s iron man (True Hoop)

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  1. Los Brown says:

    Thats a lie! He looks like he does nothing in the off season, he'll be out the after this season though.

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