And Here Comes The Terrell Owens To The Redskins Talk

Now that Donovan McNabb has landed in Washington, there’s only one bit of speculation left to mull over. Will the Redskins take a stab at landing Terrell Owens?


From Pro Football Talk comes word that the chatter has already begun on this subject. Obviously.

Four years ago, when the Cowboys were the only team that wanted to give receiver Terrell Owens a contract worth significantly more than the league minimum, the only other team that gave T.O. a sniff was the Broncos.

The Broncos were coached at the time by Mike Shanahan.

Now, with Shanahan in Washington and former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb there as well, too, the initial reaction/speculation by many is that the Redskins could make a play for Owens.

And Shutdown Corner gives us a compelling case as to why a T.O.- McNabb reunion could make sense. Obviously.

Owens is the best free agent wide receiver available. He could be had inexpensively. Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan has previously toyed with the notion of acquiring Owens. He would represent an upgrade at receiver for the Redskins. He and McNabb, on the field, were once quite successful together.
It would draw headlines, grab attention, raise expectations to unreasonable levels, and for a day or two, set the world of sports talk on fire. In other words, it would be an extremely Redskin thing to do.

So with all that read, why not?

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  1. GeeWhizJay says:

    I can't imagine that Donovan McNabb, would be in any way interested in this idea. The problem is that he probably won't have any voice in the decision making process. While Owens could still contribute to a team on the field, you never know when he's going to throw a hand grenade at his teammates in the locker room.
    I don't think he would be worth the headache…

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