5 April Fools Sports Headlines

April Fools

Today is April 1st, so that means it’s April Fools Day. So why don’t we all get in the spirit and come up with a few sports headlines that would definitely be considered April Fools jokes. Of course these will be a bit outlandish, but I guarantee some poor sap somewhere will believe at least one of these. My guess? A New York Knicks fan.

So onto my 5. You can give yours in the comments if you see fit.

Brett Favre To Announce His Future Plans On Friday

Of course, no one in their right mind would believe that Brett Favre would be ready to announce his intentions already. I mean, training camp hasn’t even started yet.

Tiger Woods To Walk Away From Golf To Become Buddhist Monk

Tiger Woods leave golf? Never.

Tiger Woods give up sex? Never.

Sources: Lebron James To Spurn Cavaliers And Sign With The Knicks

Here it is. The one where a New York Knicks fan somewhere is thinking to himself, “This isn’t an April Fools joke, this is gonna happen.” Trust me, Donnie Walsh has been playing a year long April Fools joke on all of you.

NCAA, BCS Agree To Am Eight Team Playoff

The NCAA actually doing something that makes sense? That’ll be the day. Their idea of doing something that makes sense is expanding the NCAA tournament to 96 teams from 64.

Mel Kiper Shaves Head In Preparation For NFL Draft

If Mel Kiper shaved off his perfectly formed hair helmet, the NFL draft would never be the same.

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