The 2nd Annual John Daly Sale-A-Thon Is Underway

Lately it seems that every year when the Masters rolls around, John Daly isn’t invited to play. Lately it also seems that every year when the Masters rolls around, John Daly still shows up. Not to crash the party and play anyway, but to make a quick buck. Or two.

How you ask? By just rolling his RV outside of the gates of Augusta National and selling any and everything people will buy from him.

Instead of a purse for playing in the tournament, the money he will take with him when he leaves Augusta will come from hawking a plethora of John Daly merchandise: hats, T-shirts, towels and club covers for $20 and bracelets and pit flags for $5. His idea of golf shorts – more like something a surfer would wear than a golfer – sell for $75.

Daly says as he signs merchandise for fans, poses for photographs or gathers $2,000 in merchandise that will go into gift bags to be given at a dinner Tuesday evening.
Want a CD of Daly and his band singing? The 11-song disc “I only Know One Way” – many of the 11 original songs – can be picked up a week before the music will be distributed.

His version of Bob Dylan’s “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” plays from the stereo in the Provost, his home on wheels. He’s wearing an Arkansas Razorbacks T-shirt and a wrist band with the words “Arkansas” printed on it.

And the legend of John Daly outside the Masters continues.

John Daly sets up outside gates (AJC)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I thought tubby got gastric bypass surgery a while back. What happened? Looks like he's put all his weight back on…

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