Streaker Descends Upon Crufts 2010

Streaker at Crufts dog show

Streakers have been a part of sporting events for years. But like everything, it has become stale. How many different times can one run naked onto a soccer field? Or a baseball diamond? Or a football field? Catching my drift yet? Streaking is just over done.

Well a man known as “The Captain” (fitting) has made a move to take streaking to a new level and new venues. The Crufts dog show was his first victim.

Streaker at Crufts dog show

A streaker livened up the proceedings at the last night of Crufts today.

As competitors watched the judging of the Gundog group on the fourth day of the canine showcase, the man ran into the arena at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham.

He was wearing nothing but shoes and socks and a cat-shaped mask covering his modesty and had the words “I” written on his chest.

The man, believed to be known as the ‘Captain’, was quickly escorted from the area, allowing judging to continue.

And with that, the new era of streaking has begun

He must be barking! Streaker stuns Crufts judges by running into arena (Mail Online)

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