Ron Washington Is A Drug Dealer’s Dream

I know this will be hard to believe, but I’m not a drug dealer. Never was, never will be. But it’s not very hard to figure out the criteria of a drug dealer’s dream customer.

1. They have money. Obviously
2. They are willing to try different products.
3. They are longtime customers.

Keep that criteria in mind while we talk about Texas Ranger’s manager, Ron Washington.

You already know that he has money and he is the newly crowned cocaine champion. What you didn’t know is that he has been a longtime customer and he is well versed in multiple drugs. That’s right. He is a drug dealer’s dream customer.

One day after admitting that he used and tested positive for cocaine one time last summer, Rangers manager Ron Washington found himself answering questions on Thursday about his use of marijuana and amphetamines during his playing career.

The extra attention was Washington’s doing. During numerous one-on-one interviews Wednesday, Washington admitted to various news outlets that he did indeed use both drugs on occasion as a player.

“When you’re young, you make mistakes,” Washington said. “I wish I could take back the mistakes I did, but I can’t. You make mistakes.

“But the mistakes you make when I was young have nothing to do with what I’m facing today.”

And somewhere, some old school drug dealer is still spending that “Ron Washington” money.

Washington admits drug use as player (

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