Oregon And Phil Knight Planning To Make Tom Izzo An Offer He Will Refuse

It seems that Nike Chairman Phil Knight is tired of his alma mater being an afterthought when it comes to college basketball. So reportedly, he is prepared to back the University of Oregon Athletic Department in landing one of the biggest names in college basketball. And just in case you didn’t know, money won’t be an object. The name? Tom Izzo.

EUGENE, Ore. — A source close to the University of Oregon Athletic Department has told KEZI the Ducks are planning to offer Michigan State Head Coach Tom Izzo the largest contract in college basketball, with the backing of Oregon’s biggest booster, Nike Chairman Phil Knight.

Another source within the Oregon Athletic Department has confirmed Izzo’s name is on the list of coaching candidates provided by the search firm Spencer Stuart, but no offer or discussions between the parties have taken place.

Here are three words that sums this all up. Not. Gonna. Happen.

But thanks for playing, Oregon.

Sources: Ducks Planning to Offer Izzo Record Contract (KEZI)

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