Of Course Lane Kiffin Thinks Tennessee Was Headed For A SEC Title

Knoxville’s favorite POS, Lane Kiffin recently sat down for an interview with the Sporting News. In it, he deals on his first recruiting class at USC, his regret about the way he left Tennessee, and of course he had to let us know that the Vols were well on their way to a SEC championship under his watch.

SN: Had you stayed, could you have won the SEC?

LK: Definitely. We were definitely on that track. We were a blocked field goal away from beating the national champions on their field. We had our problems early, but we got stronger as the year progressed. We were there for a year; it was just beginning. Yet you could see where we were headed. We had a very good recruiting class our first year there, and we were getting ready to follow that with a top-five, maybe top-three, class this time around. The future was extremely bright there.

You’re right, Lane. And you would’ve won a Super Bowl with the Raiders if you would’ve stayed there too.

USC’s Kiffin: ‘This is the only job I would’ve left Tennessee for’ (Sporting News)

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