Lenny Dykstra Aint No Financial Adviser But He’ll Give You Stock Tips

How would you like to get stock tips from a bankrupt former MLB player? Peeked your interest? I hope not. On the slim chance that it did, here’s your chance to be under the tutorledge of a man that has squanded away most of his riches. That man is Lenny Dykstra.

Former Phillies star Lenny Dykstra—who last year filed for bankruptcy, saw his home (bought from Wayne Gretzky) foreclosed on, and auctioned off his 1986 World Series ring—is back in the stock-picking game. He’s selling a year’s worth of investment advice—including three weekly forecasts, a monthly conference call and a signed baseball—for $999. “Although Dykstra is NOT a registered financial adviser, stock broker or the like, his proven track record has caught the attention of many,” according to the biography on his new Web site.

If it’s true that his proven track record has caught the attention of many, Nails doesn’t have to worry about many clients signing up.

Get Stock Tips From…Lenny Dykstra? (Wall Street Journal)

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