The Knicks Are Pretty Confident That They’re Getting Joe Johnson

This shouldn’t surprise you since the Knicks are confident that they can get every available free agent this summer. Whether it’s Lebron, D-Wade, Bosh, or Joe Johnson, the Knicks thinks they can get whomever they want. Nothing wrong with a little confidence right? Even if they really don’t have anything to be confident about.

But the Knicks want you to know that this time is different. This time they have every reason to be confident. Because everyone knows they have Joe Johnson in the bag. Everyone being themselves, Joe Johnson, and the rest of the league.

There is a growing sentiment among opposing team executives that at the very least the Knicks will sign Atlanta’s Joe Johnson, whose agent, Arn Tellem, orchestrated the Tracy McGrady trade to the Knicks and has been friends with Walsh for 20 years. It’s called a “wink-wink deal,” and even though it is against NBA rules, the practice does exist and is nearly impossible to police.

“I think that’s a done deal,” said one Eastern Conference GM.

You guys have a wink-wink deal? Why didn’t you say you guys had a wink-wink deal? Of course this is a done deal. Everyone knows that wink-wink deals are foolproof.

Despite New York Knicks’ ninth consecutive losing season, Mike D’Antoni sees turning point ahead (NY Daily News)

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