The Joe Mauer To The Yankees Whispers Begin

The Knicks aren’t the only team in New York who is looking to steal a big star from another team. The Yankees always have an eye on big name players that they can stack their team with. This year’s big fish? Joe Mauer.

There are whispers that the Yankees are keeping a close eye on the Mauer contract situation. And they’re ready to take him off Minnesota’s hand if the two parties can’t agree. If that doesn’t piss you off, this should:

They’re considered the favorite to land him.

“But in my opinion,” said one scout, “the next catcher for the Yankees will be Joe Mauer. Imagine if the Twins don’t sign him and he goes out there on the market next winter with both the Yankees and Red Sox in need of a catcher? That will be the wildest bidding war in baseball history, and don’t think his agent doesn’t know it. And if they (Twins) decide to trade him, the Yankees have the better pieces to get him.”

Just in case you’ve forgotten over the long offseason, this is why you hate the Yankees.

New York Yankees keep eye on Minnesota’s contract talks with catcher Joe Mauer (NY Daily News)

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