Jets Players Voice Their Unhappiness With Thomas Jones Being Released

The trend around the NFL of unloading your “older, yet productive” running back this offseason continues as the New York Jets will release Thomas Jones on Friday.

While some organizations are able to release their veteran back without much fanfare or reaction, the New York Jets are dealing with many of their own speaking out against the move.

“I can tell you, it’s not going to be a popular move in the locker room,” said one player, speaking on the condition of anonymity. “We loved T.J. The man loved the game and put it all on the line only to get dumped after his best season. I think you should reward players for performance. You dump him but give Vernon (Gholston) another shot? Doesn’t make sense.”


Three other vets, offensive linemen Alan Faneca, Brandon Moore and Damien Woody, said Jones’ intangibles and production will be difficult to replace.

“It just goes to show the business side of the game, when such a productive guy like T.J. is released,” Faneca said in an e-mail. “To be so close last year, and then for T.J. not to be there with us going after the ring again is what hurts.”

It creates “a major void,” Moore said. “A passionate guy like that, with the intensity he brought at certain points in the game, it ignited sparks in everybody. You would’ve liked to have kept a guy like that.”

Said Woody: “Some players bring things to the table that you can’t put a price on, and T.J. is one of those guys.”

The move is indeed a head scratcher. With a uncapped season on the horizon, Leon Washington coming off an injury, and Rex Ryan’s love for running the ball, it would’ve made perfect sense to bring Jones back.

Maybe they feel Shonn Greene can carry most of the load.  Maybe they feel “Sanchize” is ready to be an elite quarterback. Or maybe they feel that they are better than your favorite team with, or without Jones.

It’s probably the latter.

New York Jets players grumble about release of running back Thomas Jones
  (NY Daily News)

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