If You Have Some Extra Condoms Lying Around, Send Them To South Africa

The World Cup is a little over 3 months away so the mad dash to get everything done is on. One of the pressing items on the “things to do” list is to stockpile one billion condoms. Yes, ONE BILLION CONDOMS!  And you thought the Olympic Village in Vancouver was a latex landfill.

South Africa says it needs one billion condoms this year, anticipating extra demand from foreign football fans.

South Africa is expecting some 450,000 foreigners to attend the World Cup.

Last month, South African medical official Victor Ramathesele told a medical conference organised by football’s governing body Fifa that the country was preparing for the influx of visitors.

“There’s going to be a large number of people who will be descending on to the country,” he said.

“There’s going to be a spirit of festivity and… there could be a more than usual demand for measures such as condoms.

“So there are measures in place to ensure that the condom supply is going to be ramped up during this tournament.”

That isn’t the only thing that is gonna be “ramped up”. Am I right?

UK gives South Africa millions of condoms (BBC)

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  1. The only thing worse than one billion condoms is one billion used condoms. Good luck South Africa!

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