Celtics Continue Push For The Title Of ‘Oldest Team Ever Assembled’ By Signing Michael Finley

Yes, the Celtics are old. Yes, folks believe they are fading down the stretch because they are old. But don’t tell that to Danny Ainge. Being an old team isn’t an issue to him. And apparently being an even older team isn’t an issue to him either.

Michael Finley decided to sign with the Celtics, Henry Thomas, his agent, confirmed, and he will be with the club tomorrow – his 37th birthday. He may make his Celtics debut Sunday night against Washington.

“The opportunity to earn minutes in the rotation. And the chance to seek a ring and the chance to play for Doc [Rivers] and with [Kevin Garnett] and some of the other guys. All of those things made Boston attractive,’’ Thomas said.

Somewhere Jack Haley is sitting by the phone, waiting for his call from Danny Ainge.

Celtics bring in Finley (Boston Globe)

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