The Big Ten Won’t Let Notre Dame Play Them Again

Big Ten helmet

Notre Dame AD, Jack Swarbrick seems to have realized that his university may need to explore joining a conference. Naturally, if Notre Dame is going to join a conference, the best bet for all involved would be the Big Ten.

But according to a source within the Big Ten, the conference isn’t counting their chickens before they hatch. You see, the Big Ten has been down this road before with Notre Dame back in 2003. And you know what happened? Notre Dame played them like a fiddle. So this time, Notre Dame is gonna have to play by the Big Ten’s rules if they want in.

A source within the Big Ten told the Tribune last month that given what transpired in 2003, when Notre Dame all but accepted an invitation to join the Big Ten before pulling back, “the only way they will be offered is if they first accept. The Big Ten went down that road and got burned. Fool me once, fool me twice.”

In other words, the Big Ten will not court Notre Dame. The Irish would have to do the romancing. Or at least set up the first date.
That source also said that some Big Ten presidents would have trouble admitting Notre Dame because it is not a member of the Association of American Universities, a consortium of 62 leading research institutions in the United States and Canada.

Welp. That pretty much puts a nail in that coffin. We all know Notre Dame aint romancing anyone. Nothing to see here.

Source: Notre Dame would have to court Big Ten (Chicago Tribune)

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