All Up In Your Bracket: South Region

With tip off just hours away, let’s dig into the final region. The South.

The team that is primed to pull off the first round upset: Siena.
Many people are jumping on the Siena’s first round bandwagon, and for good reason. Not because Siena is overwhelmingly better than Purdue. It’s because Purdue will be without Robbie Hummel. And playing without Hummel could help Siena pull the upset.

A top seed that may not make it out of the 1st weekend: Purdue.
Just don’t have faith in Purdue without Hummel. Even if they get past Siena, Texas A&M may be waiting. And that doesn’t look good for the Boilermakers.

A team other than Duke that can win the region: Villanova.
Many people have soured on Villanova. I obviously haven’t. The NCAA tournament can be dominated by good guard play. Villanova has a great, experienced guard in Scottie Reynolds. He has the ability to carry the Wildcats to the Final Four.

Who we’re taking in the 1st round:Duke, Louisville, Texas A&M, Siena, Notre Dame, Baylor, Richmond, Villanova

Who we’re taking in round 2: Duke, Texas A&M, Baylor,Villanova

Sweet Sixteen winners: Duke,Villanova

Regional Champion: Villanova

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