All Up In Your Bracket: East Region

Let’s take a look at the East Region.

The team that is primed to pull off the first round upset: Cornell.
Everyone is picking them, so I will too. But please believe, people are on the Cornell bandwagon for good reason. Any team that can shoot the three like Cornell can is definitely a threat. All it takes is for them to get hot and a game could be put away early.

A top seed that may not make it out of the 1st weekend: New Mexico.
New Mexico is a solid team. I just don’t like their potential matchups. They should have no problem with Montana in the first round, but the second round could get sketchy. Marquette is a very tough team and Washington is one of the hottest teams coming into the tournament. New Mexico better be ready.

A team other than Kentucky that can win the region: West Virginia.
Bob Huggins is pissed about his team’s seed. So you better believe that his team will be out to prove that they are a title contender.

Who we’re taking in the 1st round: Kentucky, Texas, Temple, Wisconsin, Marquette, New Mexico, Missouri, West Virginia

Who we’re taking in round 2: Kentucky, Temple, Marquette, West Virginia

Sweet Sixteen winners: Kentucky,West Virginia

Regional Champion: West Virginia

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