Al Davis Blows Off His Own Hall Of Fame Induction

Before you bring it up, yes I know that the annual NFL owners meeting is going on right now. But seriously. Do you really think that Al Davis brings anything of substance to those meetings? Seriously. Think about it.

So now you realize, if you didn’t before, that there is no reason why Al Davis is really needed at those meetings. Thus, allowing him to be able to leave those meetings to attend HIS induction into the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame. But in typical Al Davis fashion, he was a no show. But that didn’t stop the show.

Al Davis was inducted into the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame on Monday night and it was perfect, because Davis didn’t show.

That’s not to say the other inductees and guests wouldn’t have enjoyed Davis’ presence.

But his absence left a whiff of controversy and intrigue, and nobody does controversy and intrigue better than Davis, so he was there in spirit.

BASHOF officials said Davis couldn’t break away from pressing duties as Raiders owner. The draft is looming. NFL team owners are meeting in Florida, and Davis, if he’s not there, is monitoring the action.

Don’t act surprised. You don’t expect anything different from Al.

Raiders’ Al Davis skips his own induction party (San Francisco Chronicle)

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