War Of Words: Clinton Portis And LaVar Arrington Have Differing Opinions On Why Arrington Left The Washingtion Redskins

Recently it seems that Clinton Portis has had beef with many active and retired players. We can now add LaVar Arrington’s name to the list thanks to Portis’ inteview on NFL Network during Super Bowl week. Portis was asked what has changed from the Clinton Portis in Denver to now. He gave props to Ed McCaffrey, Rod Smith, and John Mobley for teaching him the ropes. But in Washington, he said it was a money thing. And that’s when he takes a shot a Arrington.

Portis’ statement and Arrington’s response after the jump.

“And Coming to D.C., it was like all of the sudden in D.C., some of the players feel like it was a money situation, who getting the money is a captain,” Portis continued. “LaVar Arrington was the man in D.C. when I arrived, and all of the sudden LaVar felt like it was competition, and he left D.C. He didn’t want to be in D.C. any more. He gave back $15, $20 million to leave D.C., because he felt like he wasn’t the main money guy, because everybody was getting [paid]. Laveranues, myself, Deion was still getting paid, so he even had input. So I think it was just the wrong attitude, and I think for some of the beliefs that was funneled through, it was like whoever gets the money was the captain.”

Of course, LaVar Arrington caught wind of the comments and through his twitter account he asked his followers for help.

“ok to my twitter fam im going to take a vote and this will determine how i respond to this FOOL,” “clinton portis said i basically left DC because he came to town and was the man-alrighty then so my question to u all is should i A-TEAR HIM UP ON THE SHOW ON MON B-JUST CALL IT AS I SEE AND EXPLAIN WITH NO MALICE OR C-NOT EVEN ADDRESS IT- look im a grown man should i respond to my childs comments or not.”

Arrington comes back later and adds this:


And words he did indeed have. Many of them.  His response was rather lengthy, to say the least. Here’s the full audio for your downtime. Dan Steinberg at D.C. Sports Bog took the time to transcribe a lot of Arrington’s response where he touched on a myriad of subjects. We’ll just give you his reason for leaving the Redskins.

“I will end it with this. You want to talk about leadership? And money? Ok, well here’s a great example of leadership and money. When I was at the end of the last season that I played in Washington as a Washington Redskin…they had to renegotiate numerous contracts…..I said let me be a free agent so I can go, and you can do it that way, or else I’m not doing anything. Selfish. Selfish of me. It was selfish.

“I get a call from Renaldo Wynn, my family, my teammate. I get a call from Cornelius Griffin, my family, my teammate. And you know what they say to me? They say to me, if we don’t get this stuff restructured, if you don’t restructure it and this collective bargaining agreement doesn’t get done, we will be out of jobs. We will lose our jobs, because of how high your cap number is, and all the people that they have tried to restructure to be able to be under this cap.

“Ok. So if that’s the situation, you’re telling me these are my teammates, these are my soldiers, we go to war together, I humble myself for a great purpose and I called the Washington Redskins and I told them there would be one condition that I would restructure my contract. If you think I’m lying, you can call Joe Gibbs, you can call the Washington Redskins. Ask them. I told them the restructured contract of every single individual on the defensive unit, if those contracts are guaranteed as opposed to just being stuck somewhere in a drawer…you honor the contracts and I will restructure my deal….I was unselfish, and I was a leader, and I am proud of that to this day.

“The Redskins did not guarantee those guys their contracts. They did not. So therefore I did not restructure my contract….It wasn’t $15, $20 million that I threw away to get away from Clinton Portis. It was a $3 million bonus that I was due, that I took $1 million of it instead of 3. You keep the 3, you give me the 1, and let’s part our ways.

“That is how it all transpired. Not me running away, not me vacating because I couldn’t handle the strong shadow that Clinton Portis’s aura or whatever is [casting] over me, I couldn’t handle it. This is bigger than that. And for somebody to be ignorant about it is what it is, but this is not about me attacking Clinton. This is about me talking to the next generation of guys, that I hope you listen to what I said and understand that there is a bigger purpose in your life when you have the ability to affect and influence others. That’s my message to you, and I’m done with it. But that is my rebuttal.”

How long before we hear from Portis, again?

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