Saints Owner Tom Benson Pulled Out All The The Stop For The Super Bowl, Including Bringing Along Nuns

When you’re the underdog and everyone believes that you have no shot, you kinda have to do what you gotta do to win. If that means going for it on 4th down, you do it. If that means you kick an onside kick to start the second half, you do it. And if that means you fly two nuns from New Orleans down to the Super Bowl for some extra rooting, I guess you do that too.

Saints owner Tom Benson surprised two New Orleans-based nuns who have long served the Cathedral Academy in the French Quarter by inviting them to Super Bowl XLIV.

Sister Mary Rose and Sister Mary Andrew stood out even among the body-painted with their cream-colored habits and black veils, but also for their genuine joy at attending the ultimate prize for long-suffering Saints fans.

Sister Mary Andrew, a Lafayette, La., native, said she was happy to see the Saints get this far, even if they don’t win it all.

“We’ll love our Saints no matter what. I don’t know about those Colts fans, though,” she joked.

Looks like another decision by Benson that paid off.

Super Bowl odds and ends: Owner makes sure nuns keep habit of rooting for Saints (Palm Beach Post)

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