Larry Hughes Is Attempting To Use His Beard To Force The Knicks’ Hand

There are a couple of things that are a given with the modern day New York Knicks. Let’s make a list of them.

1) They’re gonna suck.
2) Their players become unhappy.
3) They’re gonna suck some more.

And how about this year’s version of the Knicks?  Well, they do suck and at least one player has become upset.  So they’re falling right in line.

The latest player that is unhappy is Larry Hughes. Hughes has become unhappy with his playing time. So instead of pissin’ and moanin’ about it, he just won’t shave his beard.  Take that, D’antoni!

Larry Hughes’ thick beard isn’t so much a fashion statement as it is a sign of frustration.

Apparently, the veteran guard has no plans of trimming his facial hair until he is traded, released or is playing regularly again for the Knicks, the latter of which Hughes is convinced will never happen.

“I’m not going to play,” he said in a whisper. “I know that.”

If experience tells us anything, expect Larry Hughes’ beard to grow to an unprecedented length.

Larry Hughes stews as status with New York Knicks becomes more unsettled (New York Daily News)

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