Kobe: Greatest Laker Of All-Time?

On Monday night Kobe Bryant passed Jerry West to become the Lakers’ all-time leading scorer in franchise history.

Some would say this achievement secures his spot as the greatest Laker to live, while others debate he has yet to do enough.

Like most of the 30 and under demographic, I’m biased. I believe Kobe is the greatest Laker ever.

I was too young to fully grasped Magic’s dominance and wasn’t around to witness Kareem, Jerry, Wilt, Mikan and Baylor do their thing while in their prime.

My opinion, though subjective, is not based solely on my admiration for Bryant, but mainly on his numbers.

He’s a 4-time NBA champ, a 12-time All-Star, 7-time NBA First Team, 7-time NBA Defense First Team, 2-time scoring champ, 2008 MVP, 3-time All-Star MVP,  and 2009 Finals MVP. Staggering accomplishments for a guy that is only 31.

Yes, he went to the NBA directly out of high school, so he had a few years advantage on the rest of the Laker greats, but many guys have come straight out of high school and none have put up the numbers that Kobe has.

Whenever he decides to hang up his sneakers, Kobe Bryant will undeniably be known as the greatest Laker to ever live.

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  1. Biased yes. Notwithstanding Kobe's accomplishments; individual goals are one thing but championships are another! Kareem & Wilt were undoubtedly unstoppable forces that no Kobe led team, except perhaps with Shaq, would have conquered easily, if at all!

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