Game On: Mark McGwire Arrives At Spring Training

Spring training isn’t something I usually look forward to or even pay attention to. But this year, I’ll pay just a little more attention to the goings on in Jupiter, Florida. Because that’s where the St. Louis Cardinals will be holding their spring training. And that’s where Mark McGwire will likely get hazed day in and day out by the media.

And you know? It’s day 1. Let the hazing begin.

On a chilly and windy Wednesday morning, Mark McGwire arrived at the St. Louis Cardinals’ spring-training site to begin preparing for his new job as batting coach.

McGwire got out of a white Cadillac at 9:23 a.m., ET, as photographers starting clicking. Someone asked how it felt to be back.

“It feels good,” he said.

He walked by and said, “Where do I go?” as he nearly went into the media room.

He then changed directions and went to the Cardinals’ clubhouse.

Settle down big boy. No need to head straight for the media room. It’s gonna be a long couple of months. You’ll have plenty of time in the media room.

McGwire arrives in Jupiter, Fla. (USA Today)

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