Eight Burning Questions For NBA All Star Weekend

NBA All Star weekend is finally upon us. I know, I know. You have questions. Heck, I do too. Luckily for me, I have this here blog to ask mine. I don’t know what you’re gonna do.

No, I won’t ask yours here. Get your own blog.

But since you’re here, have a listen to my questions. Will ya?

Who will actually play in the game?

Kobe Bryant – OUT
Allen Iverson – OUT
Chris Paul – OUT
Brandon Roy – OUT

It hasn’t turned into the Pro Bowl just yet, but it’s only Friday.  If this trend continues, they may have to grab an old sap or two from the crowd to play.

What’s that?

They’ve already added an old sap?


Jason Kidd?

Guess this IS turning into the Pro Bowl.

What will Craig Sager be wearing?

It will be pretty hard to top this sparkling ensemble from 2007, but I, for one, will never doubt the one they call Craig Sager.

Which coach will don the nicest mock turtleneck?

I’m not sure if legally you’re allowed to use “nice” and “mock turtleneck” in the same sentence, but I really want to know.

Who is this Gretchen Wilson who will be singing the National Anthem?

This is Gretchen?


Well hello there.

Carry on.

Will Mark Cuban be the worst player in the Celebrity Game?

I vote yes. But it’s hard not to notice how potentially bad Dr. Oz, Terrence JPitbull, and Anthony Kim may be.

Will Spike Lee come dressed as “The Undertaker” this year?

If he has plans to “Tombstone Piledriver” someone in the crowd, then I’m all for it. If not, I’ll pass.

Will Ronald McDonald once again creep everyone out during the Celebrity Game?

Not sure what ol’ Ron is reaching for here, but Stuart Scott looks rather disturbed.

Will A.C. Green still have the fro?

Boy I hope so.

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