Deron Williams Isn’t Happy About Ronnie Brewer Being Traded

The NBA trade deadline was used by a number of teams to position themselves to cash in on the huge free agent class this summer. The Utah Jazz weren’t one of those teams. In fact, the Jazz may have made one of their own began to ponder whether or not he wants to be in Utah for the long haul.

The Jazz’s star point guard, Deron Williams wasn’t the least bit happy about the team’s decision to trade Ronnie Brewer yesterday. And now, he’s publicly questioning the organization and if he wants to be in Utah past the 2011-2012 season.

“I think if we’d make a trade it would be something a little different than that,” Williams said at the pregame shootaround. “You look at all the teams that are getting better around the West and we essentially get worse, if you ask me.”

Williams didn’t hide his frustration in talking to reporters and broadcasts, starting out by saying, “I really ain’t got nothing much good to say about the trade,” and declaring it was “pretty safe to say” his feelings were shared among the team.

Asked whether the Brewer trade affected his thinking about his long-term future in Utah, Williams uttered words that could reverberate in the team’s front office: “That’s why I signed a three-year deal.”

Strong words from Williams that the Jazz better take heed of. Especially since they could also possibly lose Carlos Boozer in the very near future. Add in the fact that Andrei Kirilenko could bolt overseas at any time, Williams may very well be making plans to head elsewhere.

Williams expresses frustration with Brewer trade (Salt Lake Tribune)

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