Could Utah and Colorado Be Headed To The Pac-10?

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Ever since the Big Ten began hinting that they may look to expand at some point, there has been speculation about which teams would join and what other conferences may do. This week’s speculation is of the latter. Namely, the Pac-10 and two teams they may be targeting.

According to ABC 4 in Salt Lake City, the Pac-10 could be looking to add the University of Colorado and the University of Utah to its conference.

This is all speculation…but sources are telling ABC 4 Sports that Utah will be invited to join the PAC 10 conference, but not BYU. The Cougars could wind up in the Big 12…or staying put in the MWC.

And now for the scenario that must play out for this to happen.

The Big 10 wants to expand to a 12 team them a conference championship game in football, like the SEC and Big 12. Pittsburgh could be asked to join the Big 10..or possibly Rutgers.

The PAC 10 would then follow suit, and it would need to invite 2 schools, and it could be Utah and Colorado.

Again, this is all speculation, but the PAC 10 TV deal is about to expire, and a new TV partner would want the league to have a football championship game, which requires the league to have 12 teams.

Utah and Colorado would be good fits for the PAC 10, giving the league exposure in 2 new, top 35 markets.

Not sure if I completely buy any ofthis, but Pac-10 commissioner, Larry Scott has admitted that the conference is “looking at it very seriously”. So who knows.

Utah to the PAC 10? Not BYU? It could happen (ABC 4)

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