The Cincinnati Bengals Are Not Impressed With The Joneses

Well, at least that’s hom some people in the organization felt about Matt Jones and Adam “Pacman” Jones. Even though the Bengals signed Matt Jones to a one year deal, some feel he is not going to be in the NFL for long.

“It was one of the worst workouts I have ever seen,” one of the sources said. “I don’t care how fast his 40 time is or was, he’s a slow-twitch athlete.” “He obviously has great size, but not even that is much of an advantage when you don’t move very fast,” the other source said. “He’s not really the solution to what we need.”

So why would you want to sign a guy who had one of the worst workouts ever??? Maybe Marvin Lewis knows something we all don’t know.

Pacman on the other hand doesn’t have an offer and didn’t help himself with his workout either.

“He worked out, but he wasn’t really ready to work out, if you know what I’m saying,” said the first of the two Cincinnati sources. “If he really wants to get back in the league, I don’t know what he’s been doing to get ready for it.”

You would think that a guy who got a second chance would be ready for this opportunity, but he has proved he doesn’t want to be in the NFL anymore. As for his run-ins with the law, he answered with a bunch of excuses.

“There wasn’t a lot of consistency with his explanations,” the source said.

What did they expect? This is Pacman at his finest.

Bengals sources unimpressed by the Joneses (Yahoo!)

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