What’s Next For Gilbert Arenas?

Gilbert Arenas’ recent actions have been nothing short of deplorable.

The fact that he actually took guns, loaded or not, to the Verizon Center shows his severe disconnect with reality.

The Wizards’ point guard has a $111M/6-year contract. He makes nearly $150K per game, but still chose to put it all at risk for an alleged prank gone wrong.

NBA Commissioner David Stern, in my opinion, was displaying extreme leniency by allowing Arenas to play even after admitting to having the guns in the Verizon Center.

Now there’s nothing wrong with giving a man the benefit of the doubt. But when that same man goes out the very next day and does his worst impression of Cactus Jack -bang, bang with imaginary six shooters- and leaves the court in Philly, after a win, shirtless while barking at fans, it’s time to shut him down.

Furthermore, why would you risk your career over a disagreement with a guy, Javaris Crittendon, who’s struggling to even stay in the league? I’m not take a condescending stance against Crittendon, but when it’s put into perspective, Arenas has or had much more to lose.

What have athletes learned from watching the negligent actions of their peers? Obviously nothing. If charged with a crime by D.C. feds, Arenas could be headed to the slammer. I wish him well, but someone has to step in, agent, friend or foe and help the All-Star PG out with damage control.

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