Weekly Rewind

The Weekly Rewind is our recap of some of the most captivating stories of the previous week.

How many bowl games are going to be played?- By my count, at least 34 unless another is added between now and the BCS National Title game on Thursday. I remember the days when there were a handful of bowl games. Now every company in the country is trying to sponsor one. Due to this, football fans were forced to watch Minnesota and Iowa State in the Insight Bowl, no disrespect intended. If that wasn’t bad enough, guess who will be featured in the January 6, 2010 GMAC Bowl in Alabama. You’ll never guess so I’ll tell you. Central Michigan and one of my alma mater’s, Troy University. Nothing says January bowl game like a fierce face-off between the Chippewas and Trojans.

Tiger is going to have to get another sponsor for his golf bag– Another sponsor has decided to dumped Tiger Woods from their ads. At&t has obviously had enough of the negative pub their former superstar has garnered lately, but I predict in a year or two Tiger will have another cell phone company on his team. I just hope they give him a traceable line and maybe a voice scrambler. 2010 has to be better than 2009 was for Woods. Can it really get any worse?

Meet Black Monday’s poster child– Usually I wonder who’s going to be the first NFL coach fired after the end of the regular season, but the Washington Redskins leaked on Sunday that head coach Jim Zorn will headline the firings on Monday morning. Though embarrassing for Zorn, this is a smart move. Now the Skins can start wooing the available heavy hitters like Cowher, Gruden and Shanahan. But I doubt if one of them will land in D.C.

A new year is upon us, what lies ahead?- 2010 is here and 2009 is no more. Soon we’ll have a new BCS champ (still no playoff), a Super Bowl champ, another athlete in jail, and Gilbert Arenas should be auditioning for Bonanza remake roles since he likes to carry guns. Don’t know what else is ahead for the sports world, but Tiger will have a rough one, off the golf course and I predict the Lakers will repeat. Nevertheless, we’ll be here with our coverage and chronicles of it all.

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