This Jack Clark Rant About Steroid Users Comes Equipped With The Words ‘Fakes’, ‘Phonies’, ‘Creeps’, And ‘Cheaters’

Don’t you just love a good rant? Especially when it’s a rant from a former player? There’s just something about a rant from a guy who feels like the young bucks aren’t treating their game right. You can almost feel their blood boiling as you read their words.

Case in point, former St. Louis Cardinals’ slugger, Jack Clark’s most recent rant. Take heed to his words and notice the blood boiling qualities to them.

Jack Clark, who spoke whatever was on his mind when he played — he was a big factor in two National League pennants for the Cardinals in the 1980s — and occasionally when he hasn’t been playing, said Thursday he was disgusted with the whole steroids issue and Mark McGwire’s now confirmed involvement in it.

“A lot of them should be banned from baseball, including Mark McGwire,” Clark said.

“All those guys are cheaters —A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez). Fake, phony.

Oh, snap.

Rafael Palmeiro. Fake, a phony.

Oh, snap!

“(Roger) Clemens, (Barry) Bonds. (Sammy) Sosa. Fakes. Phonies. They don’t deserve to be in the Hall of Fame.

“They should all be in the Hall of Shame. They can afford to build it. They’ve all got so much money. And they could all go there and talk about the next way to rub something on your skin. The whole thing is creepy.

“They’re all creeps. All these guys have been liars,” Clark said.


You feel that? You feel that blood boiling? Somebody get Clark a cold towel before he faints.

Jack Clark: Steroid users ‘fakes, phonies, creeps, cheaters’ (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

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