Texas Tech Alumi Are Not Thrilled That Their Head Pirate Is Gone

We’re coming up on a week since Texas Tech fired Mike Leach. The university has since moved on. They have embarked on their coaching search, the players have no complaints, and the program is coming off a big win over Michigan State in the Alamo Bowl. Yet, some in the alumni contingent can’t seem to get used to life without Leach. And they’re making their frustrations known to the Texas Tech Alumni Association.

“I wish he was still our coach,” says Tech donor Jerry Hill.

“As a big Tech supporter, if Leach did anything short of kill somebody, I’m for him,” says another supporter, Louis Dorton.

Yep, the Mike Leach support runs deep.

Statements are one thing, but when people start threatening to take their money out of the university, that’s a problem.

“A large number of them, of course, are threatening to withdraw support from Texas Tech completely,” says Dr. Bill Dean, CEO of the Alumni Association. “Athletically, academically, the whole nine yards.”

Dr. Dean says many recent e-mails demand the firing of everyone from administrators to Red Raider Club staff.

“I mean, if you’re mad at athletics that’s one thing but to refuse to join the Alumni Association or support academic area to punish athletics, to them it makes sense. To me it doesn’t” says Dean.

As of Monday morning, the Alumni Association had 18 canceled memberships.

Yes, the Mike Leach support runs deep.

Tech Alumni vocal about Leach firing (FOX Lubbock)

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