Students Bid Farewell To Ed Oregeron On His Facebook Wall

As you all know, Lane Kiffin has left Tennessee for USC and Vols’ fans are not happy. But before they hit the road Ed Orgeron, who is also leaving with Kiffin, had a few more things he wanted to get done.

First up, he made sure to inform recruits that they are more than welcome to join the crew in SoCal.

Next up was deleting his Facebook account.  But not before I was able to grap some classic posts from well wishers on his wall.

Curt Warren: you guys are jerks…..dont ever come back to tennessee,you are not welcome

Michael Chandler: I still Luv you Ed. Rolllllllllll Tide big guy. Great inside job

The language really gets spicy after the jump.

Grant Altshuler: take your weird ass voice to usc

Ben McRea: You dumbasses. Go fuck that program now.

Matt Laneve: I hope your life spirals out of control like it did when you were coaching high school football in Louisiana. Cheers you fat ass cajun bastard

DeJuan Conley: You, Monte, and Lane are a bunch of deceiving lying sons of bitches and i hate all of you and hope the Taliban finds you and your families and treats you like a enemy spy. fuck you and the university of spoiled kids too, VOLS BITCH, EAT SHIT AND DIE you cajun son of a bitch

Andy Hardy: VOLS BITCH, EAT SHIT AND DIE you cajun son of a bitch

Ryan Genson: way to go you stupid fuck, way to lie to 18 year old kids, you are a piece of shit…money only goes so far, a person’s name is all you got, and yours is shit now…..fuck USC and the fucking west coast….SEC will always dominate you pansy ass fucking pussies over there……

Zane Breeding: I would honestly love to kick your cajun coon ass in the junk

Travis Robinson: i pray to god that we get ur ass in the future and fuck ur world up. whats sad is that i actually pulled for u cocksucker

I hope Kiffin and his staff have left Knoxville because it’s getting real ugly right now.

* Via Ed Orgeron’s gone, but never forgotten Facebook page

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