Spend Your Money To Pick A New Team For A Scorned Vikings Fan

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After the way that the NFC Championship Game ended on Sunday, many Vikings fans are searching for a way to express their frustrations. Some turned to anger. And others turned to anger.

But there are other ways. Such as auctioning off your fan allegiance on eBay to the highest bidder.  Yes, as you can see, it’s happening.  And judging by the 32 bids at the time of this post, it’s happening well.

Let’s see just how scorned this Vikings fan is.

I am auctioning off my allegiance to any NFL team. I am/was a Vikings fan before last night’s loss to the Saints. I can’t continue to put myself through the torment of being a Vikings fan year after year. I need a new team, help me decide where my new allegiance will be.

A little background on me, and how I got to this point…

I am a 30 year old Minnesota native, and have been a die hard Vikings fan my entire life. After last night’s loss to the Saint’s, I have decided to move in a different direction. Losing isn’t what bothers me, it is the way in which we lose. The Vikings have a way of building your excitment to a peak and then crushing your spirit, ripping out your heart and stomping on it. I can’t take it anymore…The Gary Anderson miss field goal, 41-0, and now 12 men in the huddle followed with an interception… I AM DONE! Please help!

Wondering what you’ll get by “helping” this scorned fan find a new allegiance? Well, here ya go.

1. After the auction is over, the winning bidder gets to choose my new team, and yes, that can be the Vikings.

2. Whatever the winning bid is, I will use half of the money to purchase new team apparel. The other half will be donated to the MS Society. If the winning bidder chooses the Vikings, 100% of the winning bid will be donated since I already own some Vikings gear.

See, you would be helping. So go help the man out.

NFL Fan Allegiance (eBay)

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