Presenting The "Lane Kiffin Is Going To USC" Reaction-athon (UPDATE)

Never have I seen anything like this. Earlier tonight, I said all hell had broken loose. Well, I kinda jumped the gun. Now it’s safe to say that all hell has officially broken loose.

Here’s what we have thus far.

– A riot
– Burning of mattresses
– Tear gas
– Ed Orgeron telling recruits not to enroll early and head to SoCal with the boys
– Mapquested directions to Kiffin’s home
– An impromptu press conference

Yes, it’s bedlam.  Luckily, we have pictures and videos of the reaction.

Even Urban Meyer acknowledges that all hell has broken loose.

But now it’s time to put the kids to bed and explore how the Tennessee faithful really feel.  And let’s just say it’s very NSFW after the jump.

I’ll let you take from this what you will.

And this guy doesn’t seem too pleased either.

UPDATE: They’ve gotten ahold of his wikipedia page.

They will stop at nothing!

At this point, I may not go to bed tonight in fear of missing something. If you see anything we need to see, don’t be stingy! Send it along.

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  1. BlueWorkhorse says:

    Don't give that last guy any publicity for acting retarded. Tell him to get angry over something important like health care or the loss of an educator not a football coach that had been there one season.

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