Not Only Was Vincent Jackson Handcuffed During Sunday’s Game, He Was Hancuffed Before The Game Too

You witnessed Darrelle Revis handcuff Vincent Jackson, and any other receiver that came to his side of the field, but what you didn’t get to witness is Jackson being handcuffed before the game.

Just hours before the Chargers, Jets game on Sunday, police officers pulled Jackson over for “loud music”. And then the fun started.

Pulled over several hours before Sunday’s game, Jackson was cited for driving with a suspended license and expired tags, according to San Diego Police. Detective Gary Hassen said a radar unit initially stopped Jackson for “loud music,” and after it was determined that the vehicle’s registration was expired and Jackson’s license was not valid, the player was briefly handcuffed.

Jackson was cited and released, according to Hassen, and the car was impounded.

Asked about the incident yesterday, Chargers head coach Norv Turner said he was driving near the Chargers complex on the same road Sunday morning and noticed a police car parked off to the side, along with a woman driver who had been stopped.

“I thought at that point, that’s funny … that’s an interesting place to have a radar gun out on a Sunday morning at 9:30,” said Turner. “Vincent was pulled over later and was at the stadium. I made a point Saturday night of telling our guys that there would be a lot of traffic and leave early. We had no problems.

“When I walked in the locker room after walking the field like I do, Vincent was dressed and getting ready, and that was well over two hours before the game, which is normal. I didn’t find out about it till later.”

Talk about foreshadowing.

Chargers’ Jackson was cited by police before Sunday’s game (The San Diego Union-Tribune)

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