The NFL Can’t Get Players To Stay And Watch The Pro Bowl, Let Alone Play In It

Can we all agree that the Pro Bowl has become a joke? Good.

Even though we all just agreed, let’s ram the point home just for the fun.

Can we do that? Good.

The Pro Bowl is so big of a joke that players not only don’t want to play in the game, they don’t even want to stay and watch the game.

The latest blow to Sunday’s maligned NFL all-star game: The seven Indianapolis Colts selected won’t stick around to watch the final outcome at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Fla.

A source told that those players will leave at halftime to rejoin their Colts teammates in Indianapolis.

Quarterback Peyton Manning, safety Antoine Bethea, tight end Dallas Clark, center Jeff Saturday, wide receiver Reggie Wayne, and defensive ends Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis were excused from Pro Bowl participation because the Colts reached Super Bowl XLIV. But they are required by the NFL to attend the Pro Bowl or forfeit the game checks that come with the honor. Players from the winning team receive $45,000; the losers $22,500.

The seven Colts players will fly to Fort Lauderdale after a Sunday morning practice, join the rest of the Pro Bowl squad and then return to South Florida on Monday morning to begin Super Bowl preparation.

Now wait. Let’s see here. The Pro Bowl is in Fort Lauderdale. The Colts will begin Super Bowl preparation in South Florida a day later. The distance between the two is miniscule. Yet, the players need to leave at halftime? Surely, the NFL won’t go for this.

An NFL spokesman said Colts players are allowed to leave the Pro Bowl at halftime after fulfilling media and television responsibilities.

Oh, so the NFL agrees that the Pro Bowl is a joke.  Looks like we all agree then.  That’s refreshing.

Source: Colts to leave Pro Bowl at halftime (Fox Sports)

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