In Case You’re Wondering, Archie Manning Will Be Rooting For The Colts

I know you don’t care. Honestly, I don’t care either. But undoubtedly, the “Who will Archie Manning root for” storyline will be crammed down our throats for the next two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl.

Lucky for us, Archie has already picked his side.

The Big Easy will have to understand: It won’t be a hard decision for Archie Manning when it comes to whether to pull for his hometown New Orleans Saints or his homegrown son in Super Bowl XLIV.

Ol’ Arch, the oh-so-popular former Saints quarterback who still resides with wife Olivia in New Orleans, is rootin’ for the Indianapolis Colts. And, oh yes, son Peyton.

Torn loyalties? Not a chance.

“No, nothing torn there,” Archie Manning said with a grin Sunday night at Lucas Oil Stadium.

“It’s a game I’m going to pull for my son,” Archie said. “(Saints coach) Sean Payton knows that. He’s a great friend of mine. (Saints quarterback) Drew Brees knows that. That’s just the way it is.

Got that media members? Please don’t waste our time chasing this storyline. Thank you.

Archie Manning pulling for Colts (Indy Star)

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