Gilbert Arenas Kept A Mega Stash Of Guns

Gun ownership is a right, here in America. So there is no knocking any law abiding citizen who wants to own a gun or two. If you want them for protection, fine. If you want them for collection purposes, fine. If you want them to make you feel hard, fine. Just do it by the law.

Gilbert Arenas’ reason for having guns is unknown. But today, we do know that for some reason, he really had a liking for his guns. So much so that he reportedly owned as many as several hundred of them.

As a grand jury continues to hear the details of the gun incident involving Gilbert Arenas, WTOP has learned the Washington Wizards’ star has — at times — owned several hundred guns.

Multiple sources tell WTOP that Arenas moved those weapons out of his Virginia home within the past year, long before the incident at the Verizon Center.

By all accounts, the guns in Arenas’ collection were legally owned, yet it’s unclear how many he actually owned or still owns.

Arenas has told investigators and the NBA about the collection, sources say.

The guns turned over to police include a so-called ‘Dirty Harry Revolver’ and a gold-plated Desert Eagle — which is so big and has such a powerful recoil — no law enforcement agency uses them.

Safe to say that Arenas stayed strapped.

Sources: Arenas owned several hundred guns (WTOP)

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