A Family Affair: Shanahan Hires Son As O-Coordinator

What would our world be like without nepotism?

George Bush would have never been President or governor of Texas and Michael Douglas’ reign as one of the greatest actors in the 80’s and 90’s would have never occurred.

Though we could have lived without the Bush years, I think we’re all better people after watching ‘Basic Instinct’. Michael Douglas did have some memorable roles.

Back on point, nepotism was again at work this week, but this time in the NFL.

Kyle Shanahan, Mike Shanahan’s son, was hired as the Redskins offensive coordinator this week.

The 30-year-old served as the Houston Texans O-coordinator for the last two seasons and now will have the chance to work for his father, Mike, head coach of the Redskins, for the 2010 season.

No doubt, Mike’s record and durability on the sideline has enabled his son to walk into the NFL world of coaching, but I hope, for the sake of the Redskins fans, he is judged based on his performance and not by his father’s past successes.

Shanahan installs son as Redskins O-coordinator (AP via FOX Sports)

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