Donovan McNabb Turns To A Psychic About His Philly Future

Donovan McNabb, as usual, is taking the light hearted approach to help deal with the whirlwind of rumors that his days in Philadelphia are over.

For a quarterback whose future with the Eagles has been the subject of much speculation, Donovan McNabb looked awfully relaxed and carefree with the media at the NFC’s first Pro Bowl practice yesterday morning.

He reiterated that he is confident he will stay with the Eagles. Later, holding court for another 10 minutes at the hotel, he was pressed on how he could be so sure.

“I have a psychic and she told me; she said, ‘Good things are to happen in Philadelphia and it’s going to be really good for you,’ ” McNabb said while doing his best Jamaican psychic impersonation. ” ‘Just relax. You’ll get what you need.’ “

Good things may indeed happen in Philly, but many Philly fans don’t think it can with McNabb under center.

McNabb says psychic told him he’s staying with Eagles (Philadelphia Daily News)

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