Does Newly Released Audio Show FHP Tried To Cover Up For Tiger?

New audio has been released by the Florida Highway Patrol from a phone call between trooper, Joshua Evans and dispatch. Evans strangely told dispatch that Woods was not drunk or impaired by drugs despite not talking to or seeing Woods. The Orlando Sentinel has the conversation.

Is he OK?” the dispatcher asks about four hours after the crash.

“Yeah, he’s got minor injuries,” said Evans.

A few moments later, the dispatcher asks, indirectly, if Woods was drunk or impaired.

“Was he, ah, doing something he shouldn’t have been doing to cause it?” she asks.

“No,” said Evans. “He’s good.”

That was at 6:11 a.m. Woods was at HealthCentral, an Ocoee hospital, where he’d been taken for treatment of injuries from the crash, including cuts to his face.

No one from FHP had seen or talked to Woods yet, according to FHP spokeswoman Sgt. Kim Montes. In fact, because Woods hired an attorney and would not talk to state troopers, no one from that agency saw him until Dec. 1, four days after the crash.

There is also a second recording between Sgt. Jeffrey Holmes and dispatcher Teri Murray where the whole ordeal is said to be “routine”.

It’s just a crash, car vs. tree. Nobody’s dead,” Murray says.

“He’s just a little banged up, I guess,” said Holmes.

“A little confused,” Murray says.

A few moments later, she adds, “I think it is routine.”

Hopefully, this isn’t what it really looks to be.

* Audio: here and here

State trooper at crash scene: Tiger Woods not drunk, impaired (Orlando Sentinel)

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