Did Norv Turner Deserve A Contract Extension?

Despite being bounced by the Jets in the Divisional Playoffs 17-14 after their bye week, the San Diego Chargers gave head coach, Norv Turner a 3-year contract extension.

The Chargers finished the season 13-3 and won their third consecutive AFC West title, but have yet to make it to the Super Bowl under Turner’s direction.

Turner replaced Marty Schottenheimer after the 2006 season, the Chargers finished 14-2, but were bounced in their first playoff game, just as they were this year.

A man that had an overall 58-92-1 record before he took over the franchise, now holds a record of 90-98-1, but he’s only 3-3 in the postseason.

Dean Spanos, the team’s president, stated, “I think he’s done an outstanding job and I look forward to the next four years.”

Either Spanos is delusional, or doesn’t want to admit that Turner, literally, hasn’t achieved more than Schottenheimer did in his tenure as head coach.

Regardless of his reasons for extending Turner’s contract til 2013, the Chargers’ fans must have feelings of gloom because their future doesn’t look bright with ‘good ol’ Norv at the helm.

San Diego Chargers extend Turner’s contract through 2013 (FOX Sports)

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