Dan Reeves Wants In On The Chan Gailey Experiment In Buffalo

Buddy Nix told yall that everyone wants a job with the Buffalo Bills, didn’t he? The job opportunities are apparently so good, coaches that haven’t coached in years are practically begging to be on Chan Gailey’s staff.

What’s the best way to beg for a job? Let Dan Reeves show you the way.

News 4 Sports spoke with Dan Reeves Wednesday, and asked for his opinion on Chan Gailey.

“Chan’s gonna be sound. He’s fundamentally sound, he’s gonna do things that make them able to compete week in and week out. He’s gonna be very well prepared. But I think also Chan is also on the cutting edge. He’s gonna be one of those innovative guys who come up with things.”

Over the top compliments? CHECK!

Reeves, who coached in four Super Bowls and played in two others, has not coached since he was fired by the Atlanta Falcons after the 2003 season. But he would not rule out coming to Buffalo to work on Gailey’s staff.

“He hasn’t reached out to me,” Reeves said, “but I coached him in Little League and he might give me a chance. He might come back and try to see if I could help him out.”

We asked if Reeves would be open to working with Gailey in Buffalo.
“I tell you, if I could help Chan Gailey out, I would certainly be interested in that.”

Bringing up a prior relationship to make the prospective employer feel guilty if he’s not interested? CHECK!

Call the man up, Chan. Besides, you’re gonna need all the help you can get.

A look at the Bills search for a coach (WIVB.com)

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