The Chargers Found Time For A Little Partying On The Friday Before The Jets Game

Rumors have been swirling around the ‘net that the Chargers took a trip to the “Pure Platinum” strip club hours before their divisional game against the Jets. The rumor was somewhat verified in San Diego Union-Tribune’s, Kevin Acee’s mailbag.

Be careful how much you believe. Some players were out, yes. You will notice I deleted the names you provided. Not all are correct, and I won’t participate in falsehoods. And your days are wrong. It was Friday night into Saturday morning. I hear you about it being disappointing, but that is 36 hours before game time. They’re young, single men. Would you love everyone to be Philip Rivers? Absolutely. They’re not … And Nate Kaeding was not there.

Whether it was Friday night into Saturday morning or Saturday night into Sunday morning, it has to be disappointing to Chargers fans.

Chargers Mailbag (The San Diego Union-Tribune)

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