Your NFL Power Rankings: Week 15

Two weeks left until the start of the playoffs and the AFC playoff picture is as wild as I have ever seen it. There is a new number one, and as I said, the only way the Colts would be number one was if they were the only undefeated team left. And well, they are. Here are the rankings.

1. Indianapolis Colts (14-0) – The Colts always look so beatable, but they never lose. So maybe they are unbeatable?

2. New Orleans Saints (13-1) – Just because they lost one game, it doesn’t mean any of the teams ranked below them are any better than them.

3. San Diego Chargers (11-3) – They are officially the 2nd best team in the AFC.

4. Minnesota Vikings (11-3) – Once again, the media is making much over nothing with the Favre vs. Childress deal.

5. Philadelphia Eagles (10-4) – The Eagles look to lock up the NFC East in the next two weeks vs. divisional rivals.

6. Cincinnati Bengals (9-5) – Tough loss to San Diego. Looks like they won’t be getting that 1st round bye.

7. New England Patriots (9-5) – Like Moss said, he bounces back, and I think the Pats will be doing a lot of that heading into the playoffs.

8. Arizona Cardinals (9-5) – The Cardinals are an up and down team, but I still think that last year’s conference kings will make a lot of noise in January.

9. Dallas Cowboys (9-5) – They may have just saved their season with that win on Saturday.

10. Green Bay Packers (9-5) – If they don’t win next week, they’re in trouble.

11. Baltimore Ravens (8-6) – The Ravens are another up and down team, but any loss could put them down for the count. Just like everyone else in the AFC wildcard picture.

12. Denver Broncos (8-6) – Losses to the likes of the Raiders and Redskins really hurt your chances. Which is why they may not make the playoffs.

13. Tennessee Titans (7-7) – They’re probably better than Denver and Baltimore, but fact is they are 7-7 and need a lot of help to make the playoffs.

14. New York Giants (8-6) – The team on Monday night was the Giants we saw at the beginning of the season.

15. Miami Dolphins (7-7) – They played the team everyone in the AFC is afraid of, and lost.

16. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-7) – I still think it’s too little too late for Pittsburgh.

17. Jacksonville Jaguars (7-7) – You didn’t expect them to win against a team with a winning record, did you?

18. Houston Texans (7-7) – They still have a chance, but they need to win, and get a bunch of help.

19. New York Jets (7-7) – Mark Sanchez has decided to become a real rookie and that’s hurting the Jets more than anything else.

20. Atlanta Falcons (7-7) – If the defense would have played more like that earlier in the season, the Falcons could still be a playoff team.

21. San Francisco 49ers
22. Carolina Panthers
23. Seattle Seahawks
24. Oakland Raiders
25. Chicago Bears
26. Buffalo Bills
27. Washington Redskins
28. Kansas Chiefs
29. Cleveland Browns
30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
31. Detroit Lions
32. St. Louis Rams

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