Your NFL Game Of The Week: Cowboys vs Giants

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants, Sunday 4:15 pm

Last week’s game of the week was missed due to Thanksgiving festivities so sorry for that to all the No Guts fans. I’m back this week though with what is sure to be the best game the NFL has to offer this weekend, the final matchup between the Cowboys and Giants this season. The last time the G-Men made an appearance in the GOTW, they were undefeated facing an undefeated New Orleans team. Let’s just say that since that game, those two team’s seasons have went in two completely opposite directions with the Giants falling from grace faster than Chris Brown’s music career. The Cowboys on the other hand have had a great season moving all the way up to first place in the NFC East. But we all know in regards to the Cowboys, nothing matters until January where they haven’t won a playoff game in over 10 years. The Cowboys should be heated and ready to get revenge over their divisional foe that spoiled the opening of their new billion dollar stadium back in week 2. This rematch could either undoubtedly close the book on the Giants’ season or it could open the door for either the Eagles or Giants to try and make a late run for the NFC East crown.

Key Matchups

Tony Romo vs. Giants Front Four: As is the case with any big game involving the Cowboys, it starts and ends with how well Tony Romo performs. I’ve given him the name Tony Loco because some of the decision this guy makes is equivalent to what you would expect from a 10th grader in his first varsity game. If the Giants’ front four can get enough pressure on him to start the game, you can expect some of these crazy throws out of Loco early and often.

The Dallas O-Line will have to protect him against a defense that is fading fast. They’re not playing anywhere near the level that they were in the beginning of the season and this is the perfect game for Loco and the rest of the Cowboys offense to put a nail in the coffin.

Giants’ receivers vs. Cowboys’ defensive backs: 13 weeks into the season and it’s clear that the Giants’ running game died during the offseason. Brandon Jacobs has been a nightmare everywhere, and especially on my fantasy team. Ahmad Bradshaw has been doing what he can, but he is banged up. Which leads me to believe that the Giants should try and use Eli the way the Colts use his brother. Pass, pass, and more pass is basically what I’m saying. The Cowboys’ secondary are a group that operates well as a unit, but if you can get them on an island in one-on-one situations, you’re liable to connect on a few big plays that could change the game. Steve Smith and Mario Manningham will need to return to early season form for the Giants to have a chance. Eli will need to remain his usual calm self and pace himself as he finds his receivers down the field to keep the chains moving.


Giants Stadium: The Cowboys have won two of the last three meetings when these two teams face off in New York. The Cowboys usually are a strong November team, but December is another story. That will undoubtedly have an effect on the outcome of this game.


Cowboys 27, Giants 17: Realistically, I feel that the Giants’ season was over last week after the drubbing they took from the Broncos. Dallas is just here to close the deal on their season for good. Dallas has way too many playmakers on the offensive side of the ball that could explode at any given moment except for that Roy E. Williams guy. The only way I see the Giants possibly pulling an upset is if Romo reverts back to his insane ways and basically starts playing pitch and catch with the Giants’ secondary. But I don’t see that happening with a heavy dose of Marion Barber and Tashard Choice in the mix of things to keep the Giants on their toes.

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  1. I agree with most of what you said, except a few things. 1) The first game between Dallas and New York was in week 2. 2) I do agree that the Giants need to pass the ball since their run game has become almost non-existent, and in the first game between these teams, Manning, Manningham, and Smith racked up alot of yards. But I don't think you can leave out the fact that Terrance Newman has been healthy all year and playing some of his best football, leading me to believe you can leave him on an island. Especially against those Giants receivers. Also in the first matchup in Orlando Scandrick started over Mike Jenkins. And because of his poor performance in that game, he lost the starting job, and Jenkins has been starting since. I also believe Jenkins is making a case as our best corner. He seems like a shut-down corner in the making. So I believe that you can actually leave both corners on an island, and they will be fine. The Giant's recievers aren't the best in the league, so they are capable of being shutdown. As with most Cowboys vs Giants games, this will pretty much come down to the pass rush. Plain and simple.

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